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First Day of School at Hope Street
July 25, 2017pixel

The first day of school at Hope Street will be Monday, August 14th at 8am. Everyone at Hope Street is looking forward to a great school year!

Students working in media center


TPS Online Enrollment for 2017-18 School Year
June 23, 2017pixel

Online enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year will be June 19, 2017 through July 19, 2017. You will find complete instructions here.

If you need assistance enrolling your student, Hope Street Academy will be open during the following time to help you enroll your student:

  • WEDNESDAY, JULY 26: 8:00 AM–3:00 PM
  • THURSDAY, JULY 27: 8:00 AM–3:00 PM
  • FRIDAY, JULY 28: 8:00 AM–12:00 PM


Hope Street Students Do the Chalk Walk
April 7, 2017pixel

On April 7th Ms. Miles took Ms. Whitaker, Kaitlyn Ridgway, Sierra Powers, Lindavista Benitez and Hailey Howland to the Tulips at Twilight Chalk Walk Mural Contest at the Ward-Meade Botanical Garden.

Chalk Walk 2017

The ground was a bit bumpy but the lady artists made the best of it and made a lively chalk mural.

Sierra Powers and Hailey Howland drew the fairy, Kaitlyn made the bottom right flower and green vines while Lindavista made the words. The title of the piece is Live Life in Full Bloom.


Hope Street Students Place 1st and 2nd at KidWind
April 3, 2017pixel

KidWind 170403

On Friday, March 31 a group of Hope Street students went to Kansas State University to participate in the regional KidWind competition. KidWind is an organization that teaches students about Wind Energy.

In the process of learning about wind energy students create model wind turbines. At regional competitions students from different schools test their wind turbines against each other. Teams are judged on the amount of energy their turbine produces along with a presentation explaining the engineering of their turbine, and the importance of wind energy.

Hope Street teams placed 1st and 2nd in the competition, "blowing" their competition away.

Team VoltCaster (Dathan Horn, Brandon Maldonado, and Julie Young) took first place.

Team Flux Capacitor (Daniel Sutton, Ethan Clark) took second place.

KidWind 170403


Students Review Career Options with CTE and T-CALC Presentations
March 2, 2017pixel

Chris Bagshaw present CTE information

On March 1st, Hope Street Academy’s students in grades 9, 10, and 11 learned about the Career and Technical Education (CTE) options available to them as they move from high school into their careers. Presentations focused on career pathways available at both Hope Street and Topeka Center for Advanced Learning and Careers (TCALC).

Hope Street CTE teachers Chris Bagshaw, Josh Dirks, Helen Swanson, and Mackenzie Miles presented information to students in pathways related to business, finance, art, and family and consumer services.

TCALC teachers Gabe Dalton, Evelyn Eubanks, Tom Geyer, and Melissa Seacat presented on pathways leading to careers in the medical, engineering, energy, and teaching fields. Current Hope Street students who are enrolled in TCALC programs also helped present to their Hope Street peers.

After hearing about courses related to career options in the morning, Hope Street students completed their enrollment requests for 2017-2018 school year.

Bainbridge Martensen and Destony Cox Presents


Hope Street's Own Kelly Nemechek Honored at Board Meeting
February 21, 2017pixel

Senior of the Month, Kelly Nemechek

Kelly Nemechek was honored at the Topeka Public School's Board Meeting Thursday night, February 16th. She spoke to the School Board about her time at Hope Street Academy and plans for her future along with answering some questions from the School Board members.

Principal Dale Noll presented Kelly with flowers and a gift from all of the Hope Street staff to acknowledge her accomplishments.

View Kelly's entire presentation on Hope Street Academy's YouTube Channel


Parent-Teacher Conferences
January 25, 2017pixel

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

Wednesday, February 15, 4:00pm-8:00pm
Thursday, February 16, 8:00am - 8:00pm, no school for students,
Friday, February 17, NO SCHOOL

For more information, please call: (785) 438-4280


Spring Semester Begins
January 4, 2017pixel

Noll Welcomes Students

Mr. Noll, principal, welcomes new and returning students to Hope Street on the first day of spring semester.


Dr. Anderson Speaks to Hope Street Seniors
December 16, 2016pixel

Dr. Anderson Speaks to Seniors

Dr. Anderson speaks with Hope Street seniors during a senior meeting Thursday.


Ms. Apple Jones Visits Hope Street
November 22, 2016pixel

Ms. Jones

Ms. Apple Jones, The mother of University of Kansas superstar Josh Jackson stopped by Hope Street today to address with students the importance of education, attendance, professionalism, and dedicating yourself to your dreams. The focus of using ones' energy to generate positive results rather than dwelling on negativity struck a cord with students.

Ms. Jones talked about her life journey including her time playing basketball for Allen County, UTEP, and in the Navy playing on the "All Armed Forces" team traveling the world representing the United States. Hope Street thanks Ms. Jones for taking the time to stop in and talk to our students.!


U.S. History Students Visit WWI Museum
November 18, 2016pixel

WWI Museum

Hope Street United States History students went on a trip to the United States World War One Museum. The students learned about the causes of the "Great War", along with what the soldiers faced during their time in Europe. The museum director called Mr. Noll to let him know how well the students did while touring the museum. They did a great job!


Hope Street Students Visit Berry's
November 15, 2016pixel

HSA Students at Berry's Plastics

5th hour Speech took a trip to Lawrence last Thursday! We visited historic Mass St. for lunch, followed by a plant tour at Berry Plastics. 

Berry employs 750 local production workers and runs 3 full-time shifts at their Lawrence production plant. The facility makes a wide range of plastic food containers for nationally recognized brands such as Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Healthy Choice Dinners, and McDonald's McFlurry cups and spoons. 

Their entry-level positions require a high school diploma or GED, and they offer a 401K, employee retirement match, and health benefits for all full-time staff. Berry has over 100 facilities in the U.S., and permits employee transfers to a variety of other sites throughout the U.S. 

Since we toured a plant that processes food containers, we were fully suited out in hairnets, safety glasses, hard hats and smocks before we started our tour!


Students Work Their Way Through
Reality U
November 4, 2016pixel

Reality U

Hope Street Academy hosted its annual "Reality U" event on Friday, November 4th. This was a great opportunity for Hope Street students to learn how to navigate finances in a real world scenario. Community members volunteered their time to help expose Hope Street students to financial awareness and instill in students the value of an education.


Marketing Day A Success
November 2, 2016pixel

Market Day

Marketing Day at Hope Street gave students the opportunity to produce, market, and sell goods. Students calculated the cost and profit scenarios for their products. This allowed students the ability to experience first hand what it was like to be an entrepreneur.


Parent-Teacher Conferences
October 16, 2016pixel

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday, October 19, 4pm-8pm
  • Thursday, October 20, 8am-8pm
  • Friday, October 21, No School


Former NBA Player and Motivational Speaker Michael Morrison Shares Story with Hope Street Students
October 13, 2016pixel

Michael Morrison

Michael Morrison, former NBA player turned motivational speaker shared his story with students during a presentation on Wednesday, October 12.

The presentation covered life issues relative to his own life experiences such as consequences of choices, academic excellence and achieving dreams.


Destony Cox Wins Student Award at Aaron Douglas Art Fair
October 4, 2016pixel

Destony Cox

On September 24, Hope Street's Destony Cox won the Aaron Douglas Art Fair Student Award.

Ms. Miles states "Destony is very creative and driven. Her artistic talents stand out. I am very proud of her along with many others here at Hope Street. It's nice having Destony in class because she works hard everyday.

The assignment included drawing a realistic cat, making a photo copy, and adding color. They painted the cat using an expressionism style. The final step was taking photos of their cats which they altered using photo editing tools".


Butterfly Field Trip
September 28, 2016pixel


On Friday Sept. 23, approximately 20 students attended a field trip at the Kansas Museum of History to learn about Monarch Butterflies. Staff from the Topeka Zoo conducted the field trip and taught a short lesson on the life cycle of the Monarch and the migration of the butterflies. After the students learned about the butterflies in the classroom they went outside on the grounds of the museum to catch, tag and release the Monarch butterflies. Students caught a few butterflies and were able to tag them and record the information. The butterflies were then released to continue their migration.


Math Class Calculates Reseeding Project
September 13, 2016pixel

Mr. Hildebrand's Extending Algebra and Geometry class applied the current lessons from class to a 'reseeding' project on Monday.

As explained by Mr. Hildebrand, "We took a drawing of a backyard, measured with a ruler and used a scale factor to find the actual size of the backyard. We then found the area of each feature in the yard and eventually came up with the area of the grass. Next we found out how much it was going to cost to rent a slicer, buy fertilizer and seed to reseed the yard. To finish the project, we recreated the drawing to scale on the football field behind Hope Street.



Students Attend Capital City Classic Dog Show
September 1, 2016pixel

On August 26, Ms. Coffman's Biology class attended the Capital City Classic Dog Show. Emphasis on the field trip was to observe adaptive vs. selective breeding.

Cyde Grise

Geneva Meredith

Aiden Dach

Students Record Their Hopes for the New School Year
August 18, 2016pixel

As students entered Hope Street on the first day of school, they were met with the questions, "What is your Hope?". Students were able to record their hopes on a whiteboard in the main entrance.

Simple, but powerful.



Welcome to a New School Year!
August 3, 2016pixel

School Starts

School starts on Tuesday, August 16


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