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At Hope Street Academy, we are concerned not just with a student's performance in the classroom, but also with their success once they graduate and move into the "real world". The School-to-Career program helps students plan for their future by offering several services and programs:

Topeka Center for Advanced Learning and Careers (TCALC)

The Topeka Center for Advanced Learning and Careers (TCALC) is an innovative high school program created in partnership with business and industry concentrating in four strands: Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing; Bioscience & Biomedical Business, and Human Services. The Center is all about students solving real problems, with real tools used by real professional(s), being mentored by real employers, leading to real contributions in the professional area.

Students enrolled in the Topeka Center for Advanced Learning and Careers Program, fast forward into their future as if they already have a college degree and are fully immersed in a professional culture. Students use industry standard tools which lead to substantial advanced contribution during the formative high school years. Students learn from global and local leaders, such as Westar Energy, Valeo Behavioral Health, Stormont Vail, and Meals on Wheels who have chosen to partner with the district and share the program's commitment to educate the future produce personalized learning experiences that educate the needed workforce of tomorrow, especially in high skill, high demand jobs. Early career professional skills like project management, business ethics, time management, teamwork, creativity and instructed, role modeled and measured.

Washburn Institute of Technology (WIT):

Topeka Public Schools pays tuition at Washburn Institute of Technology (Washburn Tech) for current high school juniors and seniors in the district. Topeka Public School students attend Washburn Tech on a part-time basis, approximately a half-day schedule. Bus transportation is provided. Based on enrollment requirements for the program of interest, seniors only may attend full time second-semester. Students who successfully complete a half-day schedule (a.m. or p.m.) of courses at Washburn Tech during a semester earn 2.0 credits at their home high school.

Job Opportunities Board:

This bulletin board was developed to assist students in locating job opportunities in the community. Information is kept updated and offers different tips and suggestions in obtaining employment. Ms. Seamans is available to help students develop resumes when needed.



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