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Parent-Child Learning Center

PCLC babyWelcome to our wonderful world of working with infants and toddlers as we support teen parents with the challenges they face daily and applaud their efforts in trying to be the best parent they can be while completing their high school education.

A Bit of History

The PCLC opened in the fall of 1989 and is licensed for 17 children aged 2 weeks to 2 1/2 years. This program was developed in response to requests by teen parents to offer a school based childcare program, thereby enabling teen parents to complete their education while knowing their child was in a safe environment. The PCLC offers a stimulating childcare environment, which includes parental involvement, education, and support. Parents are involved in classes and workshops designed to enhance parenting skills and they receive daily parenting experiences through role modeling and instruction in their child’s classroom.

The PCLC staff plays an essential role in insuring that both the parent and the child experience a caring and supportive environment in which they have every opportunity for healthy growth and development.

PCLCInfant Room-We can serve 9 infants aged 2 weeks -1 year and walking. Infants receive loving care from trained staff as well as from students participating in the classroom for an elective credit.  All students with a child enrolled in the PCLC are able to spend 1 class period with their child’s class. Infant parents may be found lying on the floor helping their child with crawling skills or talking about the yellow fuzzy duck on the pages in the book.

Toddler Room-We can serve up to 7 toddlers aged 1 year and walking -2 ½ yrs. We generally maintain around 5 toddlers with one staff and one student parent in the classroom. Toddlers are a busy bunch with frequent creative activities involving messy hands and paint spills. Self help skills such as brushing our hair to see how beautiful we look in the mirror begin to take shape.

High School Student Classes and Workshops

All PCLC parents are required to be enrolled in the Child and Parenting Course in order to enroll their child in the PCLC daycare program. The PCLC is designed for “children AND parents” so parents are actively involved in education and hands on activities to support their child’s healthy growth and development.

The PCLC Director as well as numerous community professionals including nurses, dietitians, YWCA Teen Pregnancy Prevention staff, Parents As Teachers, etc. are involved in trainings.

Upcoming trainings include Child Abuse and Neglect, Illness and First Aid.

Teen parents who have children between the ages of 2 weeks and 2 ½ yrs are eligible to fill out an application for the school based child care and parent program.  The PCLC operates on the regular USD 501 school calendar.  Financial Assistance is available for our program fees.

Many exciting new plans are underway to involve students in the PCLC web site and the PCLC newsletter.

Our staff looks forward to meeting you and your child in hopes we can work together to help you achieve your goals in not only graduating from high school, but also in being the best parent you can be at this critical time in your child’s life.

Careen Cain, LMSW
Parent Child Learning Center Director

Laurie Rivers- Infant Teacher
Andrea Gomez- Infant Aid
Sabrina Rias- Toddler Teacher
Edith Workman-Infant Support Staff through Foster Grandparent Program

Remember- Baby’s eyes upon you
                     Watching all you do.
                     The love you show
                     The words you say
                     They’ll be just like you


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