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  Language Arts
  Social Sciences
  Physical Ed.
  Natural Sciences
  Social Studies
  General Ed.


Faculty and Staff

Dale Noll, Principal

Chris Bagshaw, Business

Brenda Brinker, Secretary

Marianne Byl, Language Arts

Marcy Carlson, Truancy

Jay Clevenger, Technology, Credit Recovery and Distance Learning

Soraiya Coffman, Science

Joshua Dirks, Business

Thomas Fulbright, Social Studies

Kevin Hildebrand, Mathematics/PE

Laura Lyons, Project Coordinator/Instructional Coach

Mackenzie Miles, Art/Journalism

Virginia Prather, Media Specialist

Angela Seamans, Counselor

Joni Schoenen, Language Arts

Gerrad Simecka, Extended Day

Felicia Slaughter, Social Studies

Scott Schwarz, Science

Christine Sturges, Social Studies

Helen Swanson, FACS

Sharon Tagle, Science

Cynthia Toyne, Administrative Assistant

Hannah Waldy, Language Arts

Amy Whittaker, Social Worker




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